Clearly From the Lord

It was time for Abraham to find a suitable wife for his son Isaac. They were living in a strange land among strange people who were not worshipers of Abraham’s God. Abraham made his servant promise he would travel back to Abraham’s home land to seek a wife for Isaac. As the servant traveled he asked God this blessing: “”O LORD, the God of my master Abraham, please grant me success today, and show lovingkindness to my master Abraham. 13″Behold, I am standing by the spring, and the daughters of the men of the city are coming out to draw water; 14now may it be that the girl to whom I say, `Please let down your jar so that I may drink,’ and who answers, `Drink, and I will water your camels also’–may she be the one whom You have appointed for Your servant Isaac; and by this I will know that You have shown lovingkindness to my master. 15Before he had finished speaking, behold, Rebekah who was born to Bethuel the son of Milcah, the wife of Abraham’s brother Nahor, came out with her jar on her shoulder. 16The girl was very beautiful, a virgin, and no man had had relations with her; and she went down to the spring and filled her jar and came up. 17Then the servant ran to meet her, and said, “Please let me drink a little water from your jar.” 18She said, “Drink, my lord”; and she quickly lowered her jar to her hand, and gave him a drink. 19Now when she had finished giving him a drink, she said, “I will draw also for your camels until they have finished drinking.” 20So she quickly emptied her jar into the trough, and ran back to the well to draw, and she drew for all his camels. 21Meanwhile, the man was gazing at her in silence, to know whether the LORD had made his journey successful or not.” (Genesis 24:12-21) Everything happened just as the servant had asked. As you continue reading in Genesis 24 you find how that Rebekah agreed to go back with the servant and be Isaac’s wife. Rebekah’s father having heard the whole story from Abraham’s servant said, “This is clearly from the Lord and we cannot change what must happen.” (Genesis 24:50 – NLT)
It is truly fascinating that Rebekah’s father was willing to let his daughter go back with the servant but that is the way people who honor God as the sovereign ruler of His creation react to His will. But the question comes for us, “How do we know what is from the Lord and what is of men?” The answer is, the Bible, the written word of God. So many ignore this marvelous book that is found in almost every home in America. It is the inspired word of God that was given us to guide us and help us in all of life’s decisions. Most importantly of all, it tells us what we must do to be saved from our sins.
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