A Hardened Heart

“Then Moses returned to the LORD and said, “O Lord, why have You brought harm to this people? Why did You ever send me? 23″Ever since I came to Pharaoh to speak in Your name, he has done harm to this people, and You have not delivered Your people at all.” Then the LORD said to Moses, “Now you shall see what I will do to Pharaoh; for under compulsion he will let them go, and under compulsion he will drive them out of his land.” 2God spoke further to Moses and said to him, “I am the LORD…” (Genesis 5:22-6:2)
I have a book in my library that has a very interesting title. The book’s title is, “He’s God and We’re Not”. The title is so simple and seemingly apparent that many would think, “I know that!.” But the fact is, many people live their lives without ever recognizing God as God. Have you ever just sat down in a quiet place all by yourself and spent time thinking about who God is? Have you ever meditated on the words in Genesis 1 where we read, “And God said let there be light and there was light”? Have you considered that God “breathed into Adam’s nostrils and he became living soul”? The apostle Paul, while speaking to a crowd of people in Athens told them that it was God in whom “we live and move and have our very being”. (Acts 17:28)
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